Connor does this thing when you pull out a camera where he swings his head from side to side (quickly) while yelling a-cheese. It makes for a rather interesting time trying to get him to look in the general vicinity of the camera. Many times I combat this by singing the Diego theme song or with the element of surprise (sneaking up on him and calling his name). Both of these usually buy me one glance at the camera each. I've gotta be quick people. 

This week:

  • Isla has learned how to sit on a ball and balance herself on it. I was rather impressed...and not sure where she learned it from. 
  • Ian took a bunch of time sorting out Connor's legos and putting them with the correct sets. I didn't have the heart to tell him it probably wouldn't stay like that for long.  
  • Isla started touching my nose ring and saying "this", then feeling around her nose looking for hers. 
  • I got a new (to me) car and am pretty excited about my new mom-mobile. I promised Ian I wouldn't let the kids eat in it for at least a day ;)
  • This morning I discovered one of Isla's two year molars had broken thru. I am kind of guessing it is the reason for the week we had. And I can only hope that each molar doesn't bring along with it a similar week. 


  1. Your kids crack me up!! Hooray for new cars!!

    I am loving this series!! Good for you for sticking with the challenge!


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