Little Moments Not to Be Forgotten {one}

The other day someone asked me if I remember what it was like when Connor was Isla's age. Though I remember bits and pieces, sadly so much of it already has been forgotten...both the hard and fun. Thankfully I really do try to document things both on my blog and through pictures so I can go back and relive the moment. And let me tell you, a picture can instantly take me back to a place, practically like I am reliving it and that makes me so happy. 

Anyway, because of this, I decided I would start a series on my blog - little moments not to be forgotten. Pictures, memories that may seem insignificant, but that I want to remember. So I present to you the first of many little moments not to be forgotten

dirty bottoms mean a fun day of play // getting clean in the bath // fast arms // finger painting a present for grammy // bubble gun fun // up against a window // loving her corn // sharing her corn


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