It's Been a Doozie

This week has been tough. Like want to sit in a corner and cry tough. Stretch me to my physical limits tough. Isla has been super sick. Thus along with worry and concern for her, there have been sleepless nights and days full of caring for a sick and clingy toddler. Add on top of that a toddler who has been cooped up all week due to his sick sister. That cooped up energy has been being let out by hitting and picking on said sick sister. Exhausting. I've ended up on the couch with Isla the last three nights. When Ian takes her, she screams even more. So I give up sleep and take her. Last night, she was waking up with a high pitched scream hourly. As awful as it sounded, I was more worried then bothered.

Thankfully today she seems a little better. Her fever seems pretty much gone and her mood is improving. But this mama is feeling tired exhausted and spent. Then this song came on the radio. I literally lost it...which says a lot about my state given that I am normally not a very emotional person.

I know a sick child for a few days isn't the end of the world, but it certainly has worn me to my core. It makes me realize how much I take for granted having time to clean my house and have play dates with friends. I have seen the inside of my house a little bit too much this week. I'm looking forward to the sickies being behind us and getting back to "normal" life again.


  1. i can't even imagine...i know this is my future. :( hang in there!

  2. Totally cried just watching that. But I, unlike you, always cry and am emotional. Ha.

    But on a serious note, praying very much for you dear friend!!


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