Be Who You Are Supposed to Be

Back before I had Connor (and even when he was a wee little babe) I read a ton of books on babies and parenting. One thing that really stuck out to me is how much our parenting affects and directs our children's lives. Duh, right?! And one thing that stayed with me was that all children are born artists. But, as time goes on, we smoother out that dream in our children and the artist in them dies. There is even a famous quote about it. I remember thinking, I won't do that to my kids. They will be artists. 

Well, a problem in my plan has occurred. You see, it would appear that not all children are actually born as artists. And my adorable little son appears to be one of them. Each week when I pick him up from Sunday school, I am handed a blank paper with Connor's name on it and told "Connor didn't want to do the craft today". Numerous coloring books litter our house, practically unused. We even have a huge chalkboard wall in the playroom that hardly ever is touched by my own son. It would appear the kid has no interest whatsoever in the arts. 

Last week, after reading of other kids his age being able to write (or something to that degree), I decided to practice writing with Connor. I got out the paper and wrote Connor on it, then told him to copy it. He just stared. So, I practiced putting the pencil in both his hands properly (I don't want to force him right or left...after all, his parents are one of each), I decided to guide his hand and write his name again. Then I encouraged him to do it himself. He drew a line straight across the paper, said "that says Connor Grimbleby" and got up from the table, off to play again. 

Though Connor has many talents to his name, the arts (or writing for that matter) don't appear to be one of them. Moral of the story? Not every kid is born equal. Embrace what your kid is good at and and don't stress over the rest. But make sure you aren't pressuring them into things (or away from things) just because it is what you care about. Lesson learned...though I have a feeling I will be learning this lesson over and over again through the years. 


  1. Connor is just too darn cute!! I can't take it. This is such a great reminder though that every kid is different. I know I find myself comparing my kids and not even meaning too. It's something I have to remember all the time.

  2. Hahaha... Nixon is definitely the same! Not an artist by any means and not by lack of opportunities. :)


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