From the Mouth of Connor

Connor's gotten to that stage where some of the funniest things come out of his mouth, unintentionally. Until I finally get around to ordering this cool "quotable" book from Paper Coterie, I have just been pulling out my phone and putting them in there, so I remember. And some of the things he says are just too dang funny not to share. So here you go.

Randomly one morning, Connor said "I like sissy. I want her to stay." A couple hours later he followed up with "I like sissy for a while, but I do not like her anymore."

Connor: "Where's Gary?"
Me: "Who's Gary?"
Connor: "From Papa and Memaw's desto house." (Gary would be my parents neighbor)
Me: "He's probably at work or something."
Connor: "Or he's in his backyard watching his cat go potty."
**Oddly enough, my mom informed me that Connor loves to spy on Gary in his backyard from the second story of my parents house. It seems I have a little creeper on my hands!

While sitting on the toilet, Connor asked, "What would happen if I pooped on my lego man?"

Running toward the bathroom, Connor was yelling over and over, "No pee-pee, no!"

Connor: "Who's it happy mother's day for?"
Me: "All the mamas. Who's your mama?"
Connor: "Jess!"
Me: "Who's Jess?"
Connor: "A mama."

While driving the other day I hear, "Put your hand right there sissy...cause I want to step on it and see what happens."

I said to Isla, "Look at your hair! You are a hot mess." Then Connor said, "I am a cold mess."

Never a dull moment around here and I love it! Though I wouldn't mind if Connor decided to go to bed a little midnight last night, Connor was crying from his bed, "I want to play!" That kid has more energy than Ian and I combined!


  1. hahaha... this is such a GREAT post!! I love it and i love that kid! He is so precious! That is a great photo of him and i love the "put your hand right there sissy." hahaha...

  2. I hope he didn't really step on Isla's hand. Ouch!


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