Isla's New Room

When we switched the kids rooms I knew I wasn't going to repaint Isla's new room. Sure it was green (you can see how it looked before here), but I liked the green. Plus, Isla already had the primary colors theme going on and the mood has yet to strike me to change it up. So, I went with it. I just decided that I would add a few girly touches to the room to make it more Isla and less Connor.

Here's an overview of the room:

We converted Connor's toddler bed back to a crib because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of taking apart two cribs just to switch rooms. I also left the dressers in both the rooms and just switched out their clothes. Mostly everything else was switched - curtains, rugs and most of the wall decor.

It's weird how when I switched rooms I didn't just rehang the decorations where they were in the other room. For instance, neither of these things were above the changing table in Isla's original room. But I like them there. The shadow box filled with Isla's stuff from the hospital is one of my favorite baby things of I need to go back and make one with all of Connor's things as well!

After everything was sorted, I had absolutely nothing above Isla's crib and didn't like how plain it looked. I took this opportunity to add a couple girly things - I made pop-poms for above her bed and mod podged letters to go on the wall.

I left the spice racks turned bookshelves on the walls from when Connor inhabited the room and threw my amazing thrift store find for Isla, a Potter Barn Kids anywhere chair for $5, on the floor below them.

And I guess Isls has two reading spots in her room because the rocker is still in there...though Connor enjoys climbing in it and rocking banging it up agains the wall more than she does, but it is where I prefer to sit with her because it is so nice and comfortable. And the shelf, well it is so sturdily secured to  the wall, I decided not to move it with Connor...soon enough Isla will have stuff to fill it with.

Connor's old coat rack behind the door is currently a place to hang pretty things, but soon enough it will become a coat rack for Isla as well. 

I like how it turned out. What surprised me is Isla's original room is much smaller than this one, but once everything was switched around, we certainly managed to fill up this space with no room to spare.

Next up is Connor's room. I have been working on is getting a paint job and a couple small diy projects as well. I'm excited for him to have a big boy room that he will hopefully be able to make good (dog-free) memories in.


  1. Super cute!!! The green walls look great with her stuff. And I love that rug!!! I hope Isla is enjoying her new room!

  2. Love that shadow box....what a sweet treasure!

  3. It's beautiful! I love the pink touches and green walls together. It is one of my favorite color combinations. Can't wait to see Conner's room.


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