Sometimes I swear my kids save their crazy for when the camera is out. Actually, that isn't true...they be busy bees 24/7. Literally. 

Oh, and Isla had to have both her and Connor's dogs outside for the picture. And in the middle of it all, Connor had to have one of the dogs, sending Isla into meltdown mode. 

Happy mother's day to all you mama's out there! And to all you non-mama's out there, enjoy celebrating your mama. I am pretty sure my kids having amazing plans for me. Because, you know, toddlers are great at planning things for their parents. ;) But really, just the privilege of being sleep deprived, wearing clothes covered in everything from boogers to food and public humiliation from running after a disobedient toddler is enough for me. I truly feel blessed when my kids look at me and say mama (but after the 30th time in a row...I kid). 

This week:

  • The world's largest play structure is currently being erected in my backyard. Ok, maybe not the largest, but close. 
  • We went and saw a Beach Boys tribute band for the MIL's birthday. There were older people dancing in the isles ya'll. 
  • Isla sported her first ponytail. It made her look so grown up. Where is my kleenex? 
  • I made a batch of fresh strawberry lemonade. Talk about yum! 
  • I took a nap. It felt amazing. But the truly amazing part was, Connor took a nap. It's been a while since that has happened.
  • I used the word erected on my blog...hehehe

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