Meet Jess

Hello! I'm Jess (though I prefer Jessica sometimes) and this is my gang - Ian, my hubby {and partner in crime} of almost 15 years. Connor (8) the boy who made me a mom and likes to keep me on my toes. Isla (6), the girl who adds sass and sparkle to our lives. And the youngest member of the gang, Callum (2), was definitely worth the four years we waited and prayed for him. 

Before my life became all about potty training, school runs and lego building, I used to live in Scotland and basically used this space to document all the snow and our travel in Europe. Sounds fancy, right?!? It was pretty amazing.

Here's some random facts about me and my gang:

The hubby runs a coffee roasting business out of our house…but bonus points to me for helping bag all that coffee!

Connor was born in Scotland and holds dual citizenship.

The husband and I started dating in high school. We went to prom together and everything. 

My whole pregnancy, I thought Isla was a boy. It was a pleasant surprise to discover she was a she.

I've guessed the gender wrong now with all three of our children…mother's intuition, what's that?!

I enjoy being a mom way more that I thought I would.  

I am shy when I meet new people.

I am sarcastic.

I've had a nose ring for more than a third of my life. 

I am a stickler about running on time. And I feel like people don't value my time when they are constantly late. 

I have a love affair with coffee.

I worked at Starbucks in Scotland.

I also worked at a fake Starbucks (aka: licensed store) while in college. 

I refuse to recommend movies to people because I always end up recommending something inappropriate. 

I enjoy taking pictures.

I love the sun. But, at the same time, there is nothing like a rainy day 

I love comments and would love to hear from you. So, if you ever feel so inclined, drop me an email - jgrimbleby{at}

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