Ian is Thirty

In honor of my man turning 30 (only two more years until we have been together half his life!!!), 30 reason why I love him. 

Ian, I love you because...

1. You love me
2. You are sarcastic
3. You don't care what people think
4. You are an amazing father
5. You will give me back rubs whenever I ask
6. You help around the house
7. You are thoughtful
8. You love God
9. You are funny
10. You are adventurous
11. You are so incredibly laid back
12. You provide for our family
13. You get me
14. You are loyal
15. You don't complain
16. You take the kids in the morning and let me sleep in
17. You love coffee so freaking much
18. You are a good friend
19. You make me smile
20. You are so thoughtful
21. You are always so calm
22. You can sleep through anything
23. You like (and look good in) plaid
24. You can function on so little sleep
25. You are willing to go out of your way for me
26. You cuddle with me
27. You don't burn the meat when you bbq
28. You never act awkward in any situation
29. You can be friends with anyone
30. You can do public speaking with such ease

Not only is our family blessed to have such an amazing man as a father & husband, but everyone that knows you is blessed to have you in their life. I'm glad you were born and look forward to growing old with you. 

P.S. This idea was inspired by Ruthy over at Discovery Street when she did something similar for her husband. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. Otherwise, you are missing out.


  1. What a cute idea! Happy Birthday Ian! I hope you guys get some quality family time AND date time.

  2. Thanks babe. I love you

  3. Happy birthday! Enjoy this new decade of life.

    "5. You will give me back rubs whenever I ask"

    You are one lucky lady.


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