My husband, the accountant, is only one step away from wearing ties with short-sleeve shirts and using a pocket protector. Yesterday, I caught him using this:

He calls it genius, I call it lame. Perhaps something only an accountant could like? He told me not to be jealous when I am hot when using my computer. Don't worry honey, I won't be! 

And don't even get me started on potty training my toddler. Connor has been wearing underwear full time for more than a week and still choses to pee and poop in them whenever. Actually, I lied. The poop really does bother him and he prefers to do that in a toilet, though doesn't always make it. Either way, I constantly hear "change my undieroos". Yes, we call them undieroos. I never realized potty training would require me to do so much laundry. 

Thankfully I was reenergized today when I came across other moms whose toddlers didn't potty train in a day. Those other moms, you know the ones who lie about their kids potty training instantly, I just want to punch them at times. Harsh, I know. But I dealt with my son pooping in his underwear twice at the park the other day. Twice! Its a cruel, cruel world. Hopefully he will get the hang of it soon.


  1. That little fan made me crack up! Hilarious. Kind of nerdy, but don't tell him I said that. ;-)

    You are doing great with the potty training. I swear, potty training was the worst parenting task to date! It took us three tries or Levi to catch on. Keep praising, keep rewarding, he will eventually get it.

    One thing that I thought helped a lot was this little portable potty. It doesnt have a shield for boys when they sit so you really have to make sure they tuck it in. But it worked great when we were at the park and Levi HAD to go. It is also nice because regular zip lock bags fit and you can just throw them away. We used this for about 3 months, wherever we went the potty went, until Matt left it at a Jack-in-the-Box and we never saw it again. But after that time frame we felt like we really didnt need it that much anyways.

    1. This dang ipad isn't letting me post the link for some reason. Search on Amazon for Travel Potty by Cool Gear and you will see it. It doesn't really show a picture of how it looks when you fold it down but a lot of people always thought the potty was a toy and never thought it was a toilet! Lol

  2. Hang in there Jess. Potty training isn't fun. Jonas was my easiest at home but in public he refused to sit on the pot, I know it sounds gross but we carried a potty in the back of the car (bleach wipes & baby wipes handy), it seriously worked like a charm.


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