Looks Can Be Deceiving

Today I suddenly realized the house was quiet. Eerily quiet. So I went to check on the kids. Connor had shut himself and Isla in his room together. Normally this would not be good. Lately Connor shoves Isla to the ground if she even gets close to him. So, imagine my surprise when I opened to door and saw this:

Just as I was getting ready to run across the house to grab my camera to catch this beautiful sibling moment forever, I took a closer look and realized...there was no sweetness going on. Connor wasn't reading his sister a book or anything. No, they were ganging up on this poor book and ripping out every last flap in the poor book.

Heck, this mom was just happy that Connor took a second out of his day to do something with his sister besides beating up on her! I'll take what I can get!

And because she is so amazingly beautiful and growing up too fast for this mama, one more picture of Isla from today.

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  1. She is soooo pretty!! Oh sweet Isla.
    Yea it seems like quiet is never good. Never.

  2. My gosh, there is just something about her face that's so uniquely cute. Like, she's undeniably generically cute. Anyone would say that. But then there's something extra adorable I can't put my finger on. Maybe it's the slight almond-upturned shape of her eyes? Anyways, what a doll! Also, I can't believe how fast she's grown! It seems like so recent that you had Connor and then a teensy tiny newborn and now she's sitting up next to him, holding her own! Maybe that's a bad thing to say to someone who's saying that her daughter is growing up too fast... She's still a baby!

  3. Beautiful baby girl! Seriously!

  4. Wow! That last photo of Isla is seriously gorgeous!!! love that girl!!


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