Something huge happened in my life yesterday. Remember how I am potty training Connor? Remember how it became a battle of the wills? It appears we have cracked him...don't worry, no water-boarding was used in the potty training of Connor.

Yesterday, exactly 12 days after we began potty training, Connor went all day long without an accident. And you better bet I was so freaking excited. Not only did we take him out for ice cream, we also gave him a present. A leaf blower. Sure it was meant to be a present after he made it a week without an accident. But just getting to a day was difficult. Much more difficult than I ever anticipated.

He has already chased after his sister with the leaf blower. Such a loving brother, he is. And don't worry, he hasn't had any regression since getting the toy. In fact, after we put his diaper on for him to go to bed last night, he still asked and went pee in the potty TWICE. I am one proud mama.


  1. Wooo! Go Connor!
    You bought him a LEAF BLOWER?! You are the coolest mom in the world.

  2. Yay! That is the absolute greatest feeling over! Congrats mama! You guys did it!


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