Lately {in photos}

1. San Francisco for Ian's 30th
2. Dropping Memaw off at the train station
3. Enjoying some cinnamon apples
4. Playing in a cart
5. Bath time
6. Upside-down is how he rolls!
7. A race car cart!
8. Trying to stay out of his sister's grasp
9. Crazy hair
10. His present for pooping on the potty
11. Connor's first baseball game - the Modesto Nuts
12. Fireman Connor


  1. I laughed so hard at the picture of Connor in his car on the bed. Boys! Love their toys so much. Poor Isla! Lol

  2. Look at all that hair!!! Pigtail soon!

  3. I love 'bath time', 'crazy hair' and 'playing in cart' (though I imagine Connor liked that last one less than me!).


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