Nuby Sippy Cups {Nuby Product Review}

Back when Connor was a baby, I had a hard time transitioning him to a sippy cup. He just didn't seem to get the concept. I had to take out the stopper in order for him to understand that it was meant for liquid to come out. Once he got the hang of it, I put the stopper back in. This was not the case with Isla. One day I turned around and found here happily drinking away from one of Connor's cups. 

That was the Nuby Easy Grip Cup. The great thing about that cup is it comes with a silicone top. Such an easy transition for baby from bottle to sippy cup. And the top is replaceable, just like a bottle nipple! The one thing you have to be careful about, is just like a bottle, when these spouts are pressed to the side while laying down, say in a child's car seat, they leak. Now, when rolling around on the ground without the spout being pressed, I haven't had a problem. But I have quickly discovered, if I don't want Isla covered in wetness when I get to my destination, this is not the cup for her to play with in the car. 

After having such great luck with the Nuby Easy Grip Cup (which Nuby did not provide for me...just thought you should know I have actually bought their products as well!), Nuby sent me two other sippy cups for the kids to try out - the Nuby Flex Straw Cup and the Nuby Sport Sipper Cup

The Nuby Flex Straw Cup is a sippy cup with a straw that goes all the way to the bottom. And the straw is made of silicone on the top part of the cup. That silicone piece is again, replaceable. This cup has been great at reminding both kids that they actually have to hold a cup down in order to drink out of a straw. I really like this cup because of that. 

The Nuby Sport Sipper Cup is actually my current favorite sippy cup. The spout is again made out of silicone and replaceable. It looks like a straw, but like a sports cup, you have to tip it up to drink. Isla does really well with this cup. Besides its adorable appearance, which is a little more grown up than the average sippy cup, I think the other reason I like it so much is that it comes with a lid. Like the Easy Grip Cup, I have had issues with this one leaking when the spout gets pressed against things. So, I love that it has a lid, which means I don't have to worry when I throw it in my purse on the way out of the house. 

My favorite thing about all three of these sippy cups are that they could be used with both my children at the ages they are at. No having to worry what cup I am grabbing for who. Also, the spouts are actually replaceable! This means, I can actually use them for long term. And that to me is probably the most amazing part. 

You can purchase Nuby sippy cups at most of your local retailers - Target, Walmart, CVS, just to name a few. You can also buy them online at BuyBabyDirect and Amazon

Also, I wanted to thank everyone that participated in my Nuby Infant Feeding Essentials Giveaway. Laura L. was the winner and her prize will be on its way to her shortly. 

I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of the Nuby Mommy Blogger program I may receive items to sample or review. 


  1. What is Isla drinking because she is chugging that thing down! lol So cute!

  2. That first picture of Isla made my jaw drop. SO cute! I kinda want one of those cups now....

  3. Love the Nuby no spill sippy cups and can't wait to try the sipper!


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