Home {Vacay 2012}

We made it home. After a stop off in Portland for two nights, we decided to power home in one l-o-n-g day. And when I mean long, I mean 16 hours. Stops included, but still. It was a long day. Good thing we managed to sneak in two stops at independent coffee roasters, because who knows where we would have ended up without those stops! Plus, it was at one of those stops (a stop that I was complaining about) that I picked up the most adorable high chair for Isla. Call it my one souvenir of the trip.

I have to say, my kids really were troopers through the whole trip. There were times they didn't want back in their car seats, and I had to bribe Connor a little, but once they were seated, they were mostly content. Connor is a toddler, so there was the occasional meltdown over a dropped toy. But I am still in awe at how smooth everything went with driving over 2000 miles with a 10 month old and a 2.5 year old.

After walking in our house, Ian and I were both blown away by its size. I guess living in a motorhome for two weeks will do that to you. I was also blown away by how clean we left it. Seriously. I remember it being messier, so that was a pleasant surprise. And the cherry on top was the fact that my brother-in-law came over and did our yard work for us...including pulling the weeds! Bro-in-law of the year! Of course, I don't have another one, so he kind of wins that competition every year. Regardless, I was still blown away.

To recap, amazing trip. Saw so much. Drank way too much coffee on the trip. The kids behaved amazingly well. Made it home safely. And so thankful for my home and my family.

P.S. Back to regularly scheduled blogging soon...maybe just one more post about the trip. I promise. I think.


  1. yes...once in the PNW too much coffee drinking is bound to happen!

  2. You and Ian seem like calm, even-keel people so I'm not surprised your children are well-behaved. They're also so darling, it's hard to picture them in meltdown mode. Either way, I'm glad the vacation went well and feel free to blog more about it!


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