Fall Fashion Week - Day 2

In an attempt to keep with "fall fashion", I decided to wear a light jacket with the sleeves rolled up. I only made it half way through the day before I pulled it off. It's in the mid 90's here today people!

I must say though, I had fun getting dressed this morning. I tried on a couple shirts before deciding on one. It's fun to actually look through my closet in the morning and put thought into my outfit rather than just mindlessly throw something on.

Anyway, here is me today...

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: Roxy
Shorts: Juicy Couture
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I wasn't going to show this picture because I feel like I look pregnant the way my shirt is gathered on the sides. Talk about hyper critical of myself, right?! But Connor just ran into the photo, stood next to me and said "cheese" and he looks so stinking adorable, so I had to share it.

After this picture was taken, Connor actually tried putting on both hats he was holding at the same time. It was cute. And don't mind his mismatched outfit. Given that he is still learning battling me on peeing in the toilet, he is going through a couple pairs of shorts during the day and doesn't always match.


  1. lol! Love seeing the kids joining in on the fun. I agree, it has been fun to actually dress up! And you don't look pregnant at all!! Cute outfit for a HOT day!! Send some of the heat my way!

  2. Connor may have discovered next year's trend! Two hats at once. Cute, cute, cute.

  3. Can you do no wrong?! You never cease to amaze with your level of adorable! First off, that jacket looks so great! I want! Secondly THOSE shoes! You're on the cutting edge of fashion. Third, you never look pregnant when you're not pregnant and when you are pregnant, you're the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen.

  4. you look so cute!your jacket is awesome. and you do not look pregnant at all. :) it's funny that you should mention that you like my hair, because yesterday i was thinking how awesome your curls look!

  5. well hey there cutie! smart idea with rolling up the sleeves of the jacket!


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