Little Miss

She's not walking by herself yet, though doing plenty of "cruising", but apparently she can climb just fine! I was cleaning up and turned around to find Isla like this:

Given that I already have one mobile kid in my house, I knew what to expect and my house is pretty much kid proof. But seriously, do we really have to go back to the dare devil stage?! Then they fall and hit their faces and have those cuts and bruises that everyone questions you about. And to think I thought a girl would be easier! I should mention though, Isla did get herself down without falling. The girl's got balance!

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  1. I definitely do not miss the dare-devil stage!! Scary!

    P.S. Thanks for the camera tips. I am super sad, my heart hurts when I think about it. I am pretty sure we are just going to have to save up for a new one. :-(

  2. Glad she wasn't hurt! She's such a cute little explorer! I love her expression in the second photo ("Land ho!")


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