DIY Menu Board

Apparently good things happen when your husband's out playing poker and you have an itch to do something. 

Paint tape
Chalkboard paint
Vinyl letters 

I actually had everything except the moulding on hand from other projects. So really, this project cost me the price of the moulding - $8. 

I have been wanting to do a menu board in my house for a while now. I got the idea off pinterest. Originally I threw around the idea of putting it on the door between my kitchen and dining room. Yes, we have a door there...our house is old, okay? But something just wasn't right with the idea. Then, a while back, I rearranged our kitchen and ended up with a huge blank wall. A wall that was just begging to have a menu board put on it! 

Enter Saturday night. I was home with two sleeping children. I decided to tape off the menu board area (18"x42") to see if I liked it. I thought I would give it a couple days to see what I thought. The taping only took a couple minutes and it looked fine to me, so I painted. 

On Sunday we ran to Lowes and picked up two 7' pieces of moulding. Ian cut them down to size for me...with the help of Connor, of course! 

Then we hung them. I put up some vinyl letters for the days of the week and viola, a menu board! I made the vinyl letters with a friend's cricut a while back. Now I just need to get back to her house to make something that says "menu" for the top. For now, my chalk letters will do. 

I like how it turned out and how it has livened up my kitchen a little. Oh, and I like how it is always easy for me to remember what I am making for dinner! 

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  1. looks great! way to diy.

    I have a clear piece of plastic mounted to the wall that I write on with dry erase markers. I don't have the days of the week, just a list of the meals I have ingredients for, so I can choose from that.


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