One Last Vacation Post {Vacay 2012}

Our vacation by the numbers:

We drove 2192 miles. That doesn't include the rental car we used in Seattle or any of the public transportation we took in the other cities. 

Our longest day of driving was 669 miles.

I managed to take 1600 photos on our vacation. That is 1600 exact. Weird, right? Think that is a high number? Remember that I didn't have a camera for a couple of days. It could have been worse! 

Oh, and that was just with my camera. On my phone, I took 371 photos. 

We visited 10 independent coffee shops/roasters along the way. We tried to stop at another one, but it was closed for "employee development".

We stopped at Starbucks too many times to count.

Not counting breakfast, I cooked 7 meals in the motorhome.

And we actually only ate fast food 4 times. Well, unless you count Chipotle as fast food, then it would be 5.

The kids played at 5 parks.

I did 3 loads of laundry during the time we were gone.

Ian only cussed the 1 time on the trip...30 minutes into the trip. And let me just say, please don't cut off motorhomes. It sucks for both the driver and the passengers! 

P.S. Remember how our camera broke when we were in Canada? Because we bought our camera while living in the UK, Canon USA won't fix it. Apparently there is a huge market for people smuggling in Canon's from other countries and re-selling them here. That sucks for us. 

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  1. This is a fun way to wrap up your trip! :) And you drove over 600 miles in a day?!? I'm impressed!


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