Fall Fashion Week - Day 1

It's here, it's here, fall fashion week is here!!!

delirious rhapsody

It feels like it has been forever in a day since I have participated in a fashion week and I always enjoy being a part of them because, well, they are fun, I meet new bloggers and get inspiration from other's style.

The past few days I have been wishing fall upon us here in California by dressing more fallish (i.e. jeans and leggings). Unfortunately the weather hasn't gotten the clue and we are still having highs around 90. Oh well. I am not ready to give up. Here is what I wore today (and sweated in a bit).

Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: Made Well
Shoes: Reef
Bracelet: So old, I have no clue

Be sure to head over to Delirious Rhapsody and check out all the other lovely ladies participating. And for those of you not participating, just bow to my peer pressure and do it. You will have so much fun! 


  1. I love, "so old I have no clue." I have so many pieces like that. Love your colorful skinnies!

  2. I love the pop of color with your pants!

    I'm wishing for fall weather here in Florida too. Hopefully it will cool off soon!


  3. I*LOVE*EVERYTHING! I want to steal this whole outfit! I have a bit of a stripes addiction. The capris could not be cuter, the bangle finishes it all off nicely. Adorable outfit!

  4. i don't have a pair of colored jeans, but everyone seems to pull them off so well! i think i need a pair in my life. you look great! thanks for linking up. :) i hope the weather will cool off for you soon!

  5. I love your orange jeans, and I know you do too. :)

    hooray for fashion week again. isn't this where we met? it feels like so long ago...

  6. The cut of that shirt is ah-freakin-mazing! Especially on your awesome shoulders! How'd you get those? And don't tell me hoisting a baby on your hip 24/7 cuz I can't do that at the gym. You look like a perfect blend of summer sun-kissed + fall-cute-outfit.

  7. Oh how I love, love, love that top! It's so flattering and adorable on you.
    Yay for the triumphant return of fashion week.

  8. I love this look! Those bright pants are the best!

  9. that tank looks so good on you...it shows off your great shoulders! and i love the stripes with the red jeans!


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