We are spending a few days in Edinburgh this week. It is the festival month and always a fun time to be here. Plus, there is always something to see or do here. Here is what I have gotten up to so far (with photographic evidence courtesy of my iphone):

Perused the Royal Mile & picked up some coffee at Starbucks
Got some free Mountain Dew Energy (which really tastes like Sprite)
Played in the Meadows...twice
Dentist appointments for all three of us
(no cavities in my mouth!)
Lunch with a friend
Went to Rosslyn Chapel...found out nothing about the Da Vinci Code
Bought tickets to 2 festival shows (one tonight, one tomorrow)

Connor enjoying the sites from Starbucks on the Royal Mile

Connor playing in the Meadows

Connor's adorable parents with him in the Meadows

Rosslyn Chapel (of the Da Vinci Code fame)

Connor at Rosslyn Chapel

Truthful Tuesdays

Now I know there is nothing new in this world...especially in the world of blogging. But somehow I came up with the idea of "Truthful Tuesdays". The idea popped into my head as I was thinking about beginning to divulge information about myself to you that many people may not know. So here you have it, without further ado, my first truth:

I am not a licensed driver.

It just happened. Sneaked up on me and happened. It hasn't always been so.

I got my driver's license on my 16th birthday. I have always loved to drive. In fact, I have always had a semi-obsession with cars. Then we moved to Scotland. For 2 years we didn't have a car. But, every time I went home for a visit, I drove. Right before Connor's birth (in fact on my due date) we bought a car. A couple months before that, Ian got his UK drivers license. And I technically hold a provisional drivers license over here (technically a learners permit). However, I have never driven over here. And I can never quite motivate myself to spend the time and money to get my drivers license...I easily get everywhere I need to go using my own two feet after all!

And my California driver's license, well that expired on my birthday. And it was one of those renewal years where I needed to go into the DMV to renew it. So, it expired.

Now, I do fully intend on renewing my California driver's license when I am home for Christmas. It makes me nervous though. What if I have to retake all the tests? The stuff I read online makes it sound like I just have to pass a small written test, as long as I don't let more than a year pass after the expiration. But still, wouldn't it be a bit funny if I had to take my behind the wheel test all over again? I know I would be nervous. Not as bad as when I was 16, but still...who really remembers which hand signal is for left and which is for right anyway?!?

So there you have it, how I became an un-licensed non-driver. Man, that makes me feel like an old lady!

Hotel Room Randomness

So, we are staying at a hotel in Glasgow for a business meeting Ian had to go to. In our room I was greeted with this:

Seriously, it just makes sense! And to make it even better, every switch in the room was like this. I loved that I didn't have to turn on every light in the room to get the one I wanted on.

And while I am on the subject of hotel rooms...

It seems that in Europe they don't allow you to control the temperature of your hotel room. I found this while we were on vacation in France and Italy and now here in Scotland. To me, the best part of staying in a hotel room is blasting the AC and cuddling up under all the covers. No such luck. Even with all the covers off and the AC supposedly on, I was hot last night...and it isn't like we are in a warm climate!

Oh well. At least there are some cool light switch covers to make me smile.

Kissing Cousins

I was with a group of people last night and the topic of conversation went to

affection toward family members

Between everyone there, the affection varied widely. From parents who never hug their children (so sad), to parents who kiss their children on the lips. And it was funny how everyone, for the most part, thought what their family did was acceptable.

Now I already have opinions on the matter at hand. We do not kiss Connor on the lips. To me, he is my child and I don't find that acceptable. Plus, I absolutely hate it when someone else's kid goes to kiss me and they want to kiss me on the lips. So not cool. I don't like baby slobber all over my mouth. Some may find it cute. I do not.

But back to kissing adult family members on the lips...

One of the guys told a story of the first time his mother-in-law kissed him on the lips...he tried to deflect, but she wouldn't let him and kissed his lips anyway. He was mortified. His wife was laughing as he was telling this story. And that got me thinking about my stance on the matter.

My lips are for Ian and him alone. I just don't think it is right to show the same affection to family members that you also show to your spouse. That is just weird.

But maybe, just maybe, that is just me. So I ask...

Anyone out there who kisses family members on the lips?

Have you done it since childhood?

Or perhaps, is there anyone who married into a family that affectionate?

And is there anyone out there like me, who it gives you the heebie-jeebies just thinking about kissing the in laws on the lips? (Sorry in laws...I like you, just not that way!)

9 Months

Weight: 18 lbs, 5 oz

Pulls himself to standing up
Walking holding on to things
Brushes his teeth
Mastered the art of a walker
A top tooth finally broke through!

I would like to say that the first 9 months out sure does go a lot quicker than the 9 months on the inside!

The world's most adorable baby is still holding strong around the 25th percentile for weight. It always makes me laugh when people comment about his size. I either get people saying, "Whoa, he is huge for his age!" or "Look at that small little fella." Its so funny. I think people always think they need to comment on a baby's size and I don't quite get it.

Connor is so friendly and smiley with people, but he is definitely a mama's boy. Sometimes he likes screaming bloody murder while someone else is holding him and will stop as soon as I take him...its so charming, and not a bit annoying!

He is the most active boy ever. In fact, at church on Sunday, I discovered he is a little too active for most parents! He was trying to crawl all over the little kids, pull their hair, poke their eyes...you get the picture. He is all boy! And now that Connor is so active he has the war wounds to prove it. When I took him to the doctor on Friday I was afraid they would think I abuse my child, given that he had 2 different bruises on his face! And that poor face (well, head included). It bears the brunt of Connor discovering the world. But he is enjoying himself and right now, that is really all that matters!

And for your viewing pleasure, a video clip of Connor enjoying some Cheerios:

Age is Just a Number

Over here in Scotland, people from various charities stand around on the sidewalks in the middle of town. They try to stop you to get you to sign up for monthly donations. In all honestly, it completely bugs me. I don't like random people trying to stop me. And on busy days, these people are literally every 10 feet along the sidewalk. It gets annoying having every one of them trying to talk to you. Now to my story...

Today I met a friend in town. While we were walking around, a guy from one of the charities approached me, shook my hand and asked my name. I told him while continuing to walk. He then proceeded to ask my age, to which I responded, "That's a little rude, don't you think?" as I walked away. At this point, my friend was laughing as the guy chased after me yelling, "Come on Jessica. Just talk to me!" I told my friend it annoyed me that he asked my age. Made me feel like I was a child or something. Later on, I asked another one of the charity workers why my age mattered and was told it was because you have to be over 18 in order to sign up to give money.

Honestly...do I look under 18? I know I look young, but I don't think so! Plus, I was pushing a baby...I know that doesn't mean much, but it should count for something. I don't even know why it got to me so much. I guess I just didn't like feeling as if I was being treated like a child. Oh well.

Walkers are Fun!

I just can't resist my little man. He brings such joy into our home. Last night, he laughed for almost 10 minutes straight. All Ian had to do was look at him and he would bust up laughing. It was so cute.

We got a walker for Connor this past weekend. At first he wouldn't move around in it, would just play with the toys. But, now he has gotten the hang of it. He still needs to figure out how to steer a little better and how to go in reverse, but he is having a blast.

Here is a video of him in his walker tonight while I was making dinner.

Straight Hair

Today I decided to straighten my hair. For some reason I decided to take a bath last night. And since I was still clean this morning, I decided to use my "shower time" to straighten my hair. With my hair all nice and straight, I realized two things:

1. My hair is far too long! Seriously. It is down to my shoulders. I need to get it cut...it has only been six months since my last haircut! Alas, I HATE getting my haircut, so I will have to muster up the courage to do it. I know I will be happy I did it afterward. I just don't do well with the awkwardness to talking to a semi-stranger for an hour.

2. I look far too sophisticated/grown up with my hair straight. I think the curly hair suits me...probably because my personality is a little curly! It doesn't mean I don't like how I look with it straight. I do, just not for every day.

Strawberry Picking

No words needed...just look at cuteness...and wish you were here!

The Shoe Situation

When walking out the door the other day, Ian said, "It's raining outside, are you sure you want to wear those?" Looking down I saw this...

My trusted rainbows. I responded with something like, "Are you kidding me Ian?!? When we were in college we lived in these shoes, despite the weather." Plus, there is a reality over here, if I didn't wear my rainbows when it was raining, I would never be able to wear them! In the past 3 weeks, we have only had one day without rain. And on that day, I drug Connor out of the house as fast as possible to get to the park to enjoy some sunshine!

This "summer" I even got Connor a pair of sandals. And I put them on him all the time! He needs to realize that he is part Californian and in California we wear sandals...even when it is cold or raining outside! Okay, if it was as cold in California as it is in Scotland, I am sure we wouldn't wear sandals all the time, but you get the picture!

Oh, and if you are wondering about my polish-free toes, I haven't had a pedicure since moving to Scotland 3 years ago! You don't wear sandals that often. :)

Bath Time Derailed

Bath time has always been a peaceful time in our house...getting re-dressed after bath time isn't though. When Connor was a wee-little fellow and wouldn't stop crying, we could pop him in the bath for a few moments of peace. Unfortunately, those moments of peace only lasted while he was in the tub! As he has gotten older, he seems to cherish his bath time. He splashes around and plays with his toys. That is, until the other day...

A couple days ago at the store, I noticed some character soap bottles on the shelf and handed Connor one to play with. He freaked out. He loved it. He got angry when I went to take it away from him. I looked at another bottle of it. It was just bubble bath and it was cheap, so I thought I would pick it up for him. Plus, I thought a bubble bath would be oh-so-much-fun!

That night we got a bubble bath all ready for Connor. I told Ian to make sure there were loads of bubbles in the bath. I wanted this to be extra special. I even had Ian all ready with the camera. When we put Connor in, at first he seemed unsure. Then, he started shaking his hands, trying to get the bubbles off of them. When that didn't work, he started to crawl out of his tub. Then he sat there and screamed. By the time we got a towel and grabbed him, he was crying and shaking. I felt awful. He honestly hated the bubbles.

Now, bath time seems ruined. In reality, he has only had one bath since the bubble bath incident of 2010, but still he didn't seem happy and didn't want to play with his toys. I hope I haven't ruined bath time for the little fellow.

In happier times:

Checking out the bubbles:

Starting to cry:

Then the camera quickly got set down so we could tend to our scarred child. I have a feeling he will have an unrealistic fear of bubbles for years to come. I feel so bad. I love bubble baths.

Oh, and if you are wondering what is all over Connor's face in the pictures, he had just eaten dinner. Since he was going to take a bath, I didn't bother to wipe his face off! Good mom, I know.

Babies & Puppies

People always seem to say that a puppy is practice for a child. After having a child myself, I realize that cannot be further from the truth! You don't have to get a babysitter to leave the house with a puppy and rarely ever cart the puppy with you to a restaurant. If you did, the puppy probably wouldn't start banging on the table and screaming, just to make a scene and embarrass you! Sure they both require a lot of work (and money...stinking vet bills!), but a puppy certainly doesn't keep you at home the way a baby does! That being said, there really are many similarities between babies and puppies! Here are some things I have noticed after raising both:

* Connor follows me around room to room, just as my puppy used to.
* Connor pees on the floor, just as my dog did before she was potty trained!
* Connor eats anything off the floor, just as my dog does.
* Both Connor and my dog get excited when you make your voice all high and squeaky...
* They also both respond to clapping!
* I can "lock" Connor up in a playpen the same way I used to lock my dog up in her crate...both of them cry when this is done to them!
* When sitting down, both of them want to be in my lap.

The comparisons could go on and on, but you get the picture. On a side note, I am SO THANKFUL that Connor doesn't chew up the carpet the way my dog did as a puppy! It makes life so much easier!

And an adorable picture of Connor to make this blog post worth reading!

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