Bath Time Derailed

Bath time has always been a peaceful time in our house...getting re-dressed after bath time isn't though. When Connor was a wee-little fellow and wouldn't stop crying, we could pop him in the bath for a few moments of peace. Unfortunately, those moments of peace only lasted while he was in the tub! As he has gotten older, he seems to cherish his bath time. He splashes around and plays with his toys. That is, until the other day...

A couple days ago at the store, I noticed some character soap bottles on the shelf and handed Connor one to play with. He freaked out. He loved it. He got angry when I went to take it away from him. I looked at another bottle of it. It was just bubble bath and it was cheap, so I thought I would pick it up for him. Plus, I thought a bubble bath would be oh-so-much-fun!

That night we got a bubble bath all ready for Connor. I told Ian to make sure there were loads of bubbles in the bath. I wanted this to be extra special. I even had Ian all ready with the camera. When we put Connor in, at first he seemed unsure. Then, he started shaking his hands, trying to get the bubbles off of them. When that didn't work, he started to crawl out of his tub. Then he sat there and screamed. By the time we got a towel and grabbed him, he was crying and shaking. I felt awful. He honestly hated the bubbles.

Now, bath time seems ruined. In reality, he has only had one bath since the bubble bath incident of 2010, but still he didn't seem happy and didn't want to play with his toys. I hope I haven't ruined bath time for the little fellow.

In happier times:

Checking out the bubbles:

Starting to cry:

Then the camera quickly got set down so we could tend to our scarred child. I have a feeling he will have an unrealistic fear of bubbles for years to come. I feel so bad. I love bubble baths.

Oh, and if you are wondering what is all over Connor's face in the pictures, he had just eaten dinner. Since he was going to take a bath, I didn't bother to wipe his face off! Good mom, I know.


  1. That is really suprising. I would have ever thought he wouldn't like bubbles.

  2. Very common for children that age to be revolted or terrified by bath foam. They usually come to enjoy it later, though.


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