9 Months

Weight: 18 lbs, 5 oz

Pulls himself to standing up
Walking holding on to things
Brushes his teeth
Mastered the art of a walker
A top tooth finally broke through!

I would like to say that the first 9 months out sure does go a lot quicker than the 9 months on the inside!

The world's most adorable baby is still holding strong around the 25th percentile for weight. It always makes me laugh when people comment about his size. I either get people saying, "Whoa, he is huge for his age!" or "Look at that small little fella." Its so funny. I think people always think they need to comment on a baby's size and I don't quite get it.

Connor is so friendly and smiley with people, but he is definitely a mama's boy. Sometimes he likes screaming bloody murder while someone else is holding him and will stop as soon as I take him...its so charming, and not a bit annoying!

He is the most active boy ever. In fact, at church on Sunday, I discovered he is a little too active for most parents! He was trying to crawl all over the little kids, pull their hair, poke their eyes...you get the picture. He is all boy! And now that Connor is so active he has the war wounds to prove it. When I took him to the doctor on Friday I was afraid they would think I abuse my child, given that he had 2 different bruises on his face! And that poor face (well, head included). It bears the brunt of Connor discovering the world. But he is enjoying himself and right now, that is really all that matters!

And for your viewing pleasure, a video clip of Connor enjoying some Cheerios:

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