Hotel Room Randomness

So, we are staying at a hotel in Glasgow for a business meeting Ian had to go to. In our room I was greeted with this:

Seriously, it just makes sense! And to make it even better, every switch in the room was like this. I loved that I didn't have to turn on every light in the room to get the one I wanted on.

And while I am on the subject of hotel rooms...

It seems that in Europe they don't allow you to control the temperature of your hotel room. I found this while we were on vacation in France and Italy and now here in Scotland. To me, the best part of staying in a hotel room is blasting the AC and cuddling up under all the covers. No such luck. Even with all the covers off and the AC supposedly on, I was hot last night...and it isn't like we are in a warm climate!

Oh well. At least there are some cool light switch covers to make me smile.

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  1. Wow…no control of the AC?! That would monumentally suck! I guess I didn't notice this when we traveled to Europe. We went in January, so there was no need for the AC.

    I suppose that's one of the small benefits of being cheap and going on vacation during the 'off' season.


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