Kissing Cousins

I was with a group of people last night and the topic of conversation went to

affection toward family members

Between everyone there, the affection varied widely. From parents who never hug their children (so sad), to parents who kiss their children on the lips. And it was funny how everyone, for the most part, thought what their family did was acceptable.

Now I already have opinions on the matter at hand. We do not kiss Connor on the lips. To me, he is my child and I don't find that acceptable. Plus, I absolutely hate it when someone else's kid goes to kiss me and they want to kiss me on the lips. So not cool. I don't like baby slobber all over my mouth. Some may find it cute. I do not.

But back to kissing adult family members on the lips...

One of the guys told a story of the first time his mother-in-law kissed him on the lips...he tried to deflect, but she wouldn't let him and kissed his lips anyway. He was mortified. His wife was laughing as he was telling this story. And that got me thinking about my stance on the matter.

My lips are for Ian and him alone. I just don't think it is right to show the same affection to family members that you also show to your spouse. That is just weird.

But maybe, just maybe, that is just me. So I ask...

Anyone out there who kisses family members on the lips?

Have you done it since childhood?

Or perhaps, is there anyone who married into a family that affectionate?

And is there anyone out there like me, who it gives you the heebie-jeebies just thinking about kissing the in laws on the lips? (Sorry in laws...I like you, just not that way!)


  1. I'm totally with you on kissing on the lips. My grandma does it, and as much as I love her, it always weirds me out. Like you said, just too romantic!

    I'm probably more affectionate than my in-laws (hugs!) but it's pretty even. :)

  2. Our family do quick lip kisses. But I do not kiss a family member the same way I kiss Jim. However there was a family member who I soon learned would always come on with the tounge ready. Yuk. I learned quickly to turn my head. That was just too gross.

  3. We are a lip kissing family! Landon kisses RJ and I on the lips, just as my parents did with my when I was younger. Occasionally I'll still give my parents a quick lip kiss, but rarely, it is a little strange now that I am older. My grandma always kisses her family members on the lips, but she's never tried to kiss RJ that way. Nor have my in-laws tried it on me. I would be mortified if they did. I think it's something you have to grow up with or it is strange.

    But tongue is for RJ only!

  4. My family kisses on the lips... and ummm it's not even in the same ballpark as the romantic kisses I share with my husband. There are no tongues involved nor are our mouths even open!?!?

    But, I totally understand the kid slobber yuck factor.

  5. I'm glad to see that at least there is one normal family out there like me! Ha, ha! As for you others, I honestly didn't know kissing on the lips was so common. But, I totally get that as long as you are used to it, then it is fine. Isn't it funny how so many of our beliefs/preferences are created in childhood?

  6. you make me laugh Jess ... I guess I never really gave it much thought, Jonas & Reegs both kiss Lair & I on the lips - I love their wet kisses, they are so sweet.

    I dunno if I kissed my rents on the lips, maybe when I was really young? I really do not think that either kiddo would kiss anyone else outside of the grandrents on the lips or @ least haven't yet - maybe you & the fam can visit us when you fly home for the holidays & find out ;)

  7. I had no idea parents wouldn't kiss their kids on the lips. I've heard of some parents who never show any affection to their kids, but I assumed that if you hugged your kids, then you kissed them on the lips too. The same sad feelings you got about not hugging, I got about not kissing on the lips :( The kisses I give the kids are just pecks. There isn't any tongue, lip-locking, etc :) And if the kid is drooling or something else nasty is going on, I will bypass the lips and go for the forehead or cheek.

    I'm not sure when kissing on the lips is over, but we don't kiss our parents on the lips. It probably ended sometime in elementary school or junior high. Now we just give handshakes and chest bumps.

    When you guys are in town for Christmas, I'll make sure to give both of you big wet ones on the lips :)

  8. My family lip kisses, but its the equivalent of a kiss on the cheek, and as I have gotten further and further into adulthood Ive found that the cheek and air kisses seem to naturally replace the lip more and more.

    While U love how affectionate my family is, in some situations it can walk a fine line on creepy.

    Like with in-laws.....I dont think so.

  9. I like to slip my family members a little tongue every now and then, I dont see anything wrong with it.


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