Babies & Puppies

People always seem to say that a puppy is practice for a child. After having a child myself, I realize that cannot be further from the truth! You don't have to get a babysitter to leave the house with a puppy and rarely ever cart the puppy with you to a restaurant. If you did, the puppy probably wouldn't start banging on the table and screaming, just to make a scene and embarrass you! Sure they both require a lot of work (and money...stinking vet bills!), but a puppy certainly doesn't keep you at home the way a baby does! That being said, there really are many similarities between babies and puppies! Here are some things I have noticed after raising both:

* Connor follows me around room to room, just as my puppy used to.
* Connor pees on the floor, just as my dog did before she was potty trained!
* Connor eats anything off the floor, just as my dog does.
* Both Connor and my dog get excited when you make your voice all high and squeaky...
* They also both respond to clapping!
* I can "lock" Connor up in a playpen the same way I used to lock my dog up in her crate...both of them cry when this is done to them!
* When sitting down, both of them want to be in my lap.

The comparisons could go on and on, but you get the picture. On a side note, I am SO THANKFUL that Connor doesn't chew up the carpet the way my dog did as a puppy! It makes life so much easier!

And an adorable picture of Connor to make this blog post worth reading!


  1. You're so right - that's why TT and I have puppies - we can leave them at home without paying for a babysitter and they're always happy to see us. But then, none of my nieces or nephews every chewed up the floor or carpet (or door jams or furniture) - and they are always happy to see us too. As for the cuteness comparison - Connor WINS! He is the CUTEST of all!

  2. I love the picture! He is so cute!

  3. Adorable picture.

    Whenever people give me the "puppy preparing you for parenting" line, I always explain that children eventually (hopefully) grow up to get a job and move out. Whereas, my puppy will never even learn to feed himself... We've adopted a permanent 2 year old, and we love every minute of it! :)

  4. oh look at that little cute!!


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