We are spending a few days in Edinburgh this week. It is the festival month and always a fun time to be here. Plus, there is always something to see or do here. Here is what I have gotten up to so far (with photographic evidence courtesy of my iphone):

Perused the Royal Mile & picked up some coffee at Starbucks
Got some free Mountain Dew Energy (which really tastes like Sprite)
Played in the Meadows...twice
Dentist appointments for all three of us
(no cavities in my mouth!)
Lunch with a friend
Went to Rosslyn Chapel...found out nothing about the Da Vinci Code
Bought tickets to 2 festival shows (one tonight, one tomorrow)

Connor enjoying the sites from Starbucks on the Royal Mile

Connor playing in the Meadows

Connor's adorable parents with him in the Meadows

Rosslyn Chapel (of the Da Vinci Code fame)

Connor at Rosslyn Chapel

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