Truthful Tuesdays

Now I know there is nothing new in this world...especially in the world of blogging. But somehow I came up with the idea of "Truthful Tuesdays". The idea popped into my head as I was thinking about beginning to divulge information about myself to you that many people may not know. So here you have it, without further ado, my first truth:

I am not a licensed driver.

It just happened. Sneaked up on me and happened. It hasn't always been so.

I got my driver's license on my 16th birthday. I have always loved to drive. In fact, I have always had a semi-obsession with cars. Then we moved to Scotland. For 2 years we didn't have a car. But, every time I went home for a visit, I drove. Right before Connor's birth (in fact on my due date) we bought a car. A couple months before that, Ian got his UK drivers license. And I technically hold a provisional drivers license over here (technically a learners permit). However, I have never driven over here. And I can never quite motivate myself to spend the time and money to get my drivers license...I easily get everywhere I need to go using my own two feet after all!

And my California driver's license, well that expired on my birthday. And it was one of those renewal years where I needed to go into the DMV to renew it. So, it expired.

Now, I do fully intend on renewing my California driver's license when I am home for Christmas. It makes me nervous though. What if I have to retake all the tests? The stuff I read online makes it sound like I just have to pass a small written test, as long as I don't let more than a year pass after the expiration. But still, wouldn't it be a bit funny if I had to take my behind the wheel test all over again? I know I would be nervous. Not as bad as when I was 16, but still...who really remembers which hand signal is for left and which is for right anyway?!?

So there you have it, how I became an un-licensed non-driver. Man, that makes me feel like an old lady!

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  1. When I moved back from hell they gave me the test and I wasnt expecting it and FREAKED! I kept thinking that I was going to be the only person my age that failed the test! I passed! Love you sister


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