A Glimpse Into the Home Coffee Roasting Business

As I mentioned before, Ian started up his own home roasting business. The roaster itself, which is about 5 feet long and 3 feet wide, is in our kitchen. We moved the lockers we had in the kitchen into the playroom and had it installed there. We had to have a dedicated gas line run for the roaster, as well as ventilation that goes through our roof. The business is fully legit, meaning we have a business license and a health food license. Having the health department come out and inspect my house about sent me crazy. I really should have just hired someone to clean my house rather than go crazy deep cleaning everything myself. Oh well…next time, right?!

We* launched a website a week ago and it has worked out well because people can just order and pay straight from the website. Due to cottage food laws, we cannot mail the coffee. At first we were delivering most of the coffee to people, but we have moved to having people pick it up at our house. We got this cool old army chest that we set on our front porch. Ian bags up the orders and writes the person's name on the bag, then I put them in the box in the morning and people come by and grab their coffee. So far, it has worked out really well. 

Ian roasts coffee once a week, on the weekend. He usually roasts about 15 pounds of coffee. He does light, medium and dark roast, as well as a dark roast decaf. 

We were just talking about how we are excited to see where this goes. So far, we have put almost no effort into advertising, but it has definitely taken off. Since launching the website last week, we have even had customers that we don't know. Kind of exciting! 

I thought I would mention, we don't intend on this becoming Ian's day job. Just a fun side business to have. Plus, it gives us great, fresh coffee to drink all the time! 

* I use the term "we" loosely as this is Ian's baby and I really just provide him back up. 

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  1. I think Ian and I would be good friends. Bean counters by day and entrepreneurs by weekend. Whether it is coffee or photography, I think he and I have the same personality when it comes to work!

  2. New video for Isla :)!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hZxAhecDh0&feature=youtu.be


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