Preschool Easter Parties

 I know easter is like so last week, but I am just now getting around to writing about it. Isla's teachers asked me a couple weeks ago to help with her class's easter party. I was super excited about this because with parties like this, parents usually aren't invited. Another mom and I were there to help. The kids ate a feast, then left the classroom while we hid…or more set around the room in obvious places…the eggs. The class has two doors and the kids came in from both doors. When Isla got into the class, she was all about the eggs. She was literally pushing kids out of her way and shoveling as many eggs as possible in her basket. After snapping a couple pictures of her doing this, I stopped her and counted the eggs in her basket. She had more than twice than she was supposed to! Even though she wasn't happy with me, she got over it. Then she went and stood as close to the table with all the baskets full of easter eggs as she could. Oh that kid!

Connor's class made their own easter baskets. They also did an easter egg hunt. Connor was actually more enthralled with a peep on a stick that he was given than anything else. And he took it like a champ that Isla got more eggs in her egg hunt than him…just another sign he is growing up!

I'm glad the kids had fun. It's cheesy stuff like this that makes me so glad my kids are in preschool and enjoying themselves.

In case you want to, here is the post from Connor's preschool easter party last year. I can't believe how much he has grown up in a year! He looks so little in those pictures and it was only a year ago…eek!!!

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  1. Really sweet pictures of both!! I adore Isla's dress and Connor's basket :) I finished this and decided to upload it today! hope you like it

  2. I'm seriously jealous of Isla's hair.


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