That Time I Lost My Mind

…and signed my kids up for every activity. Somehow we ended up with things FOUR evenings out of the week. I almost lost my sanity there for a bit. Thankfully ballet ended and the pool pump broke for swim lessons. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning. 

I should probably start out by saying I am not super into extracurricular activities…most of my distain is for sports. I feel like they are such a time drainer for the family. I hate how practices are always at dinner time and games are usually twice a week. Just so much commitment. Now that I got that out of the way, I can continue. Ian really wanted to sign Connor up for tball this year. After a discussion that went something like me explaining practice type scenarios are the worst for me because I always feel awkward about being around other parents (I am a total introvert), Ian agreed to make it to the practices, even though it was the middle of his busy season. And it's been fine. 

Then this opportunity for Isla to take a little ballet course came up. I literally signed her up on Thursday and she started Monday. Monday, the same day as Connor's tball practice…and there is only 45 minutes between them and they are completely on the opposite sides of town. But ballet with her friends. I knew she would love it, so I bit the bullet. And it was totally her jam…and I plan on signing her up for a full season in the fall. 

I had looked into private swim lessons for the kids, but not only were they ghetto expensive, but they are like impossible to get in to. Well, a mom recommended I look into lessons through the city. Like ballet, it was a circumstance of me signing my kids up only a couple days before lessons started. And, what's a few more activities added to the growing list?!

All the sudden, we had things going on FOUR evenings a week. I seriously thought I was going to loose my mind. Trying to make sure the kids ate big snacks before their activities, then a super late dinner after. It was just all stressful for me. I felt so incredibly relieved when I was called and told that the pool pump broke so the rest of swim lessons were cancelled (which I do intend on reenrolling them again in the future…maybe after tball is over). And that happened the same week as the end of ballet. So we went from things being four nights a week to only two and it feels so much more manageable. 

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  1. Ha - it appears you've hit the next stage of parenting. It goes from being super busy b/c your kids need you to do everything to being super busy b/c your kids are so involved.

    I love extra-curricular activities (probably because I'm an extrovert and thrived on them as a kid), but I am NOT looking forward to all the running around it is going to be when my time comes. Right now Taylor just has dance class, but we are thinking of doing a six week soccer class for her and I really want her to learn to swim. She was in a mommy and me swim class last year and it didn't go well. At all.


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