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Every year Ian takes the day after tax season off. Sure he isn't a tax accountant, but it is technically the end of his busy season. This year he wasn't able to take the day off. So, he took last Thursday off instead and we took the kids to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. I have to say, going there on a weekday (non-holiday) is amazing. The place is practically empty. And by mid afternoon, it literally is empty. It makes it so easy and nice to be there. The kids had fun running around and exploring and so did we. 

^^ A lady actually asked permission to take Isla's picture in these chairs. It cracked me up and Isla totally hammed it up for her.  

^^ For some reason this bubble exhibit is one of my favorite things. I consider it a challenge to make it as far up as I can, while wielding off kids trying to pop the bubble. It certainly is a challenge! 

^^ I posted a picture of this on instagram and everyone thought the kids were playing with dead fish. Eeek! Definitely not. Just black sand and a pipe. This keeps the kids entertained forever every time we come. It's so simple too. 

We had a good day. It was totally chill. No crowds and practically no traffic on the way home. I would definitely call that a win.

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  1. This place looks awesome. Andy really wants to travel out to SF (only on the other side of our nation) in the near future, so I"ll have to consider this on our to do list!


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