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I love capturing pictures that will help me remember exactly how my kids were at certain ages. Not pictures that are taken with the perfect clothes and the perfect background. But pictures like these, taken in a stained shirt, with Isla's hair a mess and her rain boots on. Because, this really is how she is most of the time. Sure, there is like two minutes in the morning when her hair looks nice. And I kid you not, that girl literally rubs her head on the ground and messes up her hair, not on purpose, but just being a kid. And she can stain clothes like no other. No joke. She is way worse at that than Connor. It's not always her rain boots on her feet, but it generally is some random form of footwear, generally princess shoes, but also sometimes dress up (like nice ones, not princess) worn with a really casual outfit. And her shoes are always on the wrong foot. It's stuff like this I want to remember.

I want to remember how she is still small enough to curl up in my lap. I want to remember the feeling of her holding my hand. I want to remember how somehow her face is always dirty. I want to remember how she tries to copy Connor at things. I want to remember it all. I really do. Unfortunately, I realize it will all be a distant memory far too soon.

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