Loooong Week

It's been a rough week around here. Isla has had a bad cough for about a week and hasn't slept well since. She gets these coughing fits that literally last minutes and obviously wake her up. They happen numerous times a night. It's been exhausting. If she is sitting up, she doesn't get them, but she isn't a fan of sleeping sitting up. Then, because she isn't sleeping well, she has been sleeping in and I have had to wake her every single day and I feel like it is torture to wake a sleeping kid…especially one that needs the sleep!

Then on Tuesday Isla got a small filling and ended up biting her lip while still numb. She woke up Wednesday with the biggest, nastiest fat lip ever. Between that and the coughing, she wasn't a happy camper.

Here's to hoping she heals up quickly and we all get some sleep again around here…and that that sleep puts Isla in a better mood!

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  1. aww :( I hope she gets better real soon!! Poor girl!!


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