Kitchen Update

Remember about 500 years ago...or 6 months ago...when I said we were updating our kitchen a bit? Well I am finally getting around to showing it to you. As with everything in our house, the kitchen ended up taking some twists and turns and taking longer than we thought...and I still have things I want to do! The good news is, the transformation took a while, so it never felt overwhelming at any point.

What started out with us wanting to change out our broken microwave and get a matching stove, turned into us getting some amazing Viking appliances due to the deal of a lifetime. I also stumbled upon some amazing lockers that fit the space I needed with literally no room to spare (maybe an inch). Some projects weren't planned, like the new kitchen faucet. Our old one broke and flooded the kitchen, so hence the new one. And, I randomly decided to take off a couple cupboard doors one day when I couldn't find a place to have my vintage pyrex on display. I also painted the back of the cupboards.

 ^^ The view from the dining room

^^ View from the playroom

I would still like to put in a fun backsplash behind the stove top at some point, but we will get there eventually. On my HUGE wish list would be to make this an open concept kitchen, which would hopefully also add more light to the kitchen, because it is a bit of a cave. Getting rid of the blinds in favor of light burlap curtains has helped a ton though. 

Here is everything we did during our update:
  • Paint kitchen to match the rest of the house
  • Paint trim going into the playroom
  • Hang old window in opening going into the playroom
  • Find a storage solution - lockers
  • Replace stove, microwave and dishwasher
  • Get wine glass shelves (also opening up a bit of space in the cabinets)
  • Take doors off a couple cupboards and paint back wall of them
  • Take down blinds and replace with burlap curtains
  • Get new kitchen faucet

Now that I list it all out out, wow we've done a lot. Doing it over several months though certainly made it not seem bad. I am very pleased with how it turned out and almost forgot what it really looked like before I looked at the before pictures. Quite the transformation! 

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  1. Looks great!!! That oven is gorgeous - I'm a bit jealous; Viking is the best. Enjoy!

  2. Those lockers look AWESOME. What a fantastic, unique find!


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