Different Year, Different Worries

Last year was our first foray into preschool. I was nervous about the impression Connor and I would make on the director during our initial visit. I was worried about how preschool would change the schedule of our home. I was worried about how it would change EVERYTHING.

But, preschool was great. Connor loved it. I could do the grocery shopping with only one kid. It forced me to get us up and out of the house at a reasonable hour two days a week. And, it made me value our "down days" more than I had before.

This year my worries are different. None of them concern Connor. He is a seasoned pro. He loves being around other kids. This year, my worries center around Isla. I am starting her a full year (well, technically 11 months) earlier than Connor. Whereas Connor was one of the oldest in his class, Isla will be one of the youngest. I worry about how she will be when I drop her off. I worry about whether she will listen to her teachers or not. I worry about if she will be able to get her pants up on her own after she goes to the bathroom (she still struggles with this). But, I know it will be good. She has a great set of teachers. They do crafts all the time, which Isla absolutely will love. And, if she ends up not being ready, I can just pull her out.

The only real tricky part of this year will be figuring out how to drop two kids off in two classrooms that are in two different buildings that start (and end) at the same time.

It's going to be a good year. All this worry will soon be just that, worry. It will be in the past and I will find something else to fill my head with worry, because I've learned that as a mom, that's what I tend to do...fill my mind with worry over the smallest of things that end up being totally fine.

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