Water Balloons

It's funny how kids have a way of reminding you how fun simple things in life can be. Now, don't get me wrong, I think water balloons are fun. I remember throwing them at the neighbors off our balcony and using a water balloon launcher to launch them one street over, then running in the house to hide. I remember water balloon fights with my brothers and friends. And filling balloons up so much, they were as big as my head.

What I don't remember is the joy of just throwing one up in the air and watching it pop on the ground. Or squeezing it until it pops. Or, in Isla's case, naming it "yellow baby" and carrying it around like a prized possession...then setting it in a bucket of water (that also contained tomatoes she just picked in our backyard) and freaking out if anyone came close to it.

I love the joy of reliving things through the eyes of my kids. I love the lazy afternoons in the backyard that turn out to be a fun adventure of bug catching and water slide creating. I love the laughter squealing that comes from the popping of a water balloon. I really do love this life of mine and the phase I am in.


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  1. I love the joy of reliving things through the eyes of my kids

    I just did a blog post about this exact thing. Great minds. ;)


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