Railtown 1897

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We live only 45 minutes away from Railtown 1897. It's a sister museum of the Sacramento Train Museum, meaning one membership gets you in both. Given that it's pretty close to our house, we have gone up there many times over the past two years and taken a train ride. Given that summer is coming to and end and we haven't been up there in a bit, I thought it would be fun to head up there on Saturday.

Our journey up there got off to a rocky start. Connor got a little yogurt on his finger. He was upset about that and in his fury managed to dump the container of yogurt all over himself and the car. So we pulled over on a one lane each way highway for me to clean up the mess...I ended up wiping it off Connor, then throwing a towel over the mess in the car and calling it good. About 5 minutes after we started driving again, Connor said he had to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW. The problem was, we had to wait until there was enough of a shoulder on the road to pull over. Finally that happened and he got to live out his dream of peeing on the side of the road. The rest of the trip went fine, but my expectations of the day were certainly lowered by this point!

Once we were at Railtown, things went really well. We managed to score seats in the caboose, which we have never ridden on before because they normally don't use it. And, not only did we get to ride in it, but on the first half of the train ride, we got to ride up in the top of the caboose! I know I enjoyed it more than the kids. It was an incredible view, but really noisy because we were level with the train engine. Of course, the trip back down the hill was just as much fun because the engine switched sides and they kept the back of the caboose open, so we got to watch out the back of the train. The kids enjoyed it more than being up top because it was much less noisy and they could run around and look out the different windows.

I'm glad we went. Even though things got off to a rough start, it really was a good day. Plus, I realize my kids won't think trains are cool forever and I really do enjoy getting to do all these things with them.

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  1. It sounds like a little spilled yogurt and roadside peeing was totally worth it!


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