The kids and I have gone swimming a lot more this summer compared to years past. I don't know if it's because of friends going swimming more...you know, then other moms have bathing suits on and it becomes one of those "misery requires company" scenarios so I put my suit on...or because the kids are at an easier age.

Neither one of my kids are those kids that will jump into the pool. In fact, Connor is pretty afraid of the pool. If you just leave him be, he will play on the steps happy as can be. Try bringing him in the water, even holding him, and he freaks out. So far, I am taking a hands off approach and figure (or hope) that he will eventually want to be in the water.

Isla, on the other hand, loves "swimming" in the baby floating devices. She hated them last year. This year, she loves 'em. She says "Look, I swimming". Not exactly, but whatever. She also loves riding on people's backs while they swim. I have hope that with her my dreams of a child jumping to me in the pool may just happen...in another year.

^^ That smile on Connor's face is from being splashed. The kid loves splashing and being splashed.

With the temperatures being triple digits lately, I will admit that I like being in the pool too. And cannon balls off the diving board are my speciality. They make my kids think I am cool. And I am all about scoring some cool mom points.

On a side topic, I am experimenting with image watermarks. I really don't like how intrusive the one I have been using is. I wish I didn't have to use one at all, but after the experience I have had, also want to feel like I am doing something to protect my family. Thus, a little less in your face watermark. 


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  1. Oh, these pictures look so happy and refreshing.

    We've only gone a handful of times, but my little girl LOVES being in the water so I wish we could go more often!


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