Preschool Orientation

On Wednesday, both kids had their preschool orientations. They were at different times, so I was able to go to both. First up was Connor's. All summer he has been excited to get back to school. He was so excited to check out the toys in his new class...I am pretty sure he could care less about his teachers! About half his class are the same kids that were with him last year, so that is really nice. They did half an hour of play time, then had all the kids sit on the reading rug while the teachers talked to the parents. This is when Connor decided to let loose. He was making faces at the boy next to him. That boy, in turn, would tickle Connor. Then, both of them decided to crawl away from the rug. When I shooed them back, they crawled into the middle of the rug (and all the other kids) and put on a little show. Oh these teachers, they have their work cut out for them this year!

^^ When I asked Connor what his favorite part of orientation was, he said this skate toy. 

Next up was Isla's orientation. Going into it, I somehow expected it to be Connor's old class (like the same kids and parents), but with Isla in there. It is a totally different vibe than Connor's class was last year, but that may be that I just loved Connor's class oh-so-much. Isla actually played with the same toy almost the whole time in her class. Then, when all the kids were instructed to sit on the rug, she surprised me by sitting down and making a little friend. About half way through the teachers talking, the kids started getting antsy and making a mass exodus towards their parents. Isla joined in and I ended up sitting on the floor with her. After all was said and done, Isla totally thew a fit when we went to leave. She wanted to stay and color and paint. At least I know she likes her class!  

^^ This car toy is what Isla played with pretty much the whole time in her class. 

It's going to be weird dropping both my kids off next week. Not quite as life changing as most want to paint it, after all, it is for 3 hours 2 days a week! I'm excited because Connor loves being around other kids all the time, so this is great for him. And, well, I know Isla will at least enjoy the craft portion of her mornings! 

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  1. Seems like a pretty easy day!! And we have that car ramp toy and Taylor loves it!


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