Potty Training Isla

I realized that a few weeks ago, I threw out that I was potty training Isla and never followed up on that. All you really need to know is Isla has been an absolute dream with the whole potty training thing. I chalk it all up to my amazing parenting skills. Enough said.

But seriously, if we as parents get blamed for the areas our children struggle in, we should also be blamed for the things they are awesome at, right?! Of course, my potty training experience with Connor would then bring my overall parenting potty training score back down and I would end up with a "C" or something.

As my mom said, Isla has to have been the easiest child ever to potty train. Day one didn't go so well. She went through nine pairs of underwear. Yep, I counted. By the end of the day, she had only gone pee on the toilet twice. Day two was better. And, day three there was NOT ONE ACCIDENT. Maybe I should preface this by saying I literally thought potty training was going to be this easy with Connor and it wasn't. I bought him a big toy and told him when he went a week without accidents, he got it. Let's just say, after a couple weeks, we gave him the toy when he went a day without an accident. But back to Isla.

Once she got it, she got it. I didn't even have to bribe her. SAY WHAT?! Who's child is this anyway?! That's not to say that she still doesn't have an accident every once in a while still. They usually involve her peeing after she has gotten her pants down, but before she gets on the toilet. And, here's the real kicker...she tries to clean up her accidents all by herself. She will go find a towel (or even the quilt from her bed...awesome) and clean it up. Then she puts her dirty undies in the dirty clothes hamper and gets out new ones. Again, who's child is this?! I do have to say though, when I walked into the bathroom and found her cleaning out her little froggy potty, only to discover she had pooped in it, I was a little grossed out because, well, there was now poop in my sink. But, it's all good. Nothing a little bleach couldn't fix.

I need to focus on my amazing parenting skills for a minute longer because guaranteed I will be ripped back to reality very quickly by some crazy thing one of my children will have done. And it will happen in public. Because, I swear, my children save their crazy for public places. They must love seeing mom get nasty looks from total strangers.

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  1. YAY for potty training!!!

    We tried potty training Taylor at 2 years old and it was a disaster. Then at 2 and a quarter, she started telling me when she had to in her diaper so it was as simple as putting her on the potty when she said it.

    I have a feeling Alex won't be as easy. I'm going to chalk it up to being a boy...not parenting.


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