Potty Training

Today was the day I decided to start potty training Isla. I figured it was far enough out from the start of preschool that if it goes all wrong, I could try again. But I am thinking this time will work, as long as I stick with it. Just as I did with Connor, I am choosing the cutting off diapers cold turkey route. Isla really, really likes her My Little Pony undies, so I think this is a good thing.  

^^ Would you believe that a little girl is sitting on her potty under that blanket? Oh, and she brought 20 of her closest friends with her for the occasion too! 

I am pretty sure potty training is one of the hardest things to do as a parent. Well, at least a parent of young children. It is a bit like torture. And let's just say there was a poop incident I had to deal with. Isla has never even pooped in the bath, so to have to deal with poop on the ground (and on her feet) on the first day of potty training was a little much for me. But we got through it. Tomorrow is a new day and if I remember right, day two was way better than day one with Connor. So, I'm hopeful.

I am now trying to remind myself that once I do start venturing out of the house, I will need to bring a change (or three) of clothing for Isla. But, I am giving myself a sold three days at home, hoping the worst is behind us before we head out into the real world again. But day two is going to be a good one and day three will be the best yet. See, I'm still positive. This day of potty training hasn't gotten me down too much...it is just giving me more laundry and Isla more baths! 

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  1. Good luck!! I tried potty training Taylor when she just turned 2 and it was a nightmare....lots of poop and pee incidents. When we tried again 3 months later, we got success.

    Also, Isla looks JUSTLIKEYOU in that first picture.


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