Flowers & Kitties

Just as I was always impressed at how the attraction to tractors and trains seemed to be built into Connor, I am equally impressed at the girly ways built into Isla. Girlfriend loves her some jewelry. And she also can't pass a flower without picking it. If I insist on not picking it, then she must stop, smell it and say what color it is. It is pretty dang cute.

I also may or may not refer to Isla as the "crazy cat lady". It started with a stuffed cat and the obsession grew. Getting her hands on real kitties at friends houses has only caused her love of the animal to grow. I bought her a cat shirt (a cute one, not a corny one) and she asks to wear it. One of my friends has the calmest most kid friendly kittens ever. They take hours of abuse play from Isla. They let her carry them around, hold them in her lap, hand feed them. They are VERY patient cats.

Isla sat like this with this cat for about 10 minutes. I couldn't believe the cat put up with it. Also, I feel the need to point out this is the first time Isla has ever given me a cheese smile when I took her picture. I find it equally funny and cute. We may need to practice smiling given that it looks like she just ate a lemon! 

Oh my girly girl. I never thought I would be able to handle having a daughter. But really, I totally love it.

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  1. We have two cats and both kids love to chase them around and "love on them". Of course, our cats aren't as happy about this and normally run away when a baby or toddler start chasing them down.


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