Isla's Room

With day two of potty training behind us, I think it is safe to say that this truly will be the end of diapers for Isla...and me. This means, that it will be time to pack away the changing table. I have mixed emotions about this and fully leaving the baby stage behind us. Maybe it is because I am not really willingly leaving it, though I am willingly potty training Isla. But the whole "another baby" thing...yeah, lets save that for another time.

This is uncharted territory. I never really removed the changing table from Connor's room. It got packed up and shipped when we moved back to California. And, since it took months for our things to arrive, by the time we unpacked it, we put it right into Isla's room. So, that was one less hard piece of evidence to move out of Connor's room as he was growing.

My kids rooms change on a daily semi-regular basis. Isla isn't even in the room that we set up as her nursery. The green walls went with the bedroom set Connor had. But, when they switched rooms, I didn't want to repaint the whole thing, so I went with it. And, oddly enough, it really has grown with her.

Though I am super sentimental and a total sap, I don't hold on to much. I don't keep stuff forever and ever just because it has memories tied to it. But pictures don't make me have to keep it, right?! I know that slowly over the next couple years, the younger kid toys will be replaced with older kid ones. And, before I know it, Isla will be hanging posters on her walls and decorating how she wants. But I will remember this room. 

I will remember the countless hours I spent nursing her in the chair. I will remember working to get her to sleep through the night in here. I will remember switching her out of her crib. I will remember potty training her. I will remember sitting on the floor coloring with her. I will remember reading book after book, until we have read them all. I will remember so many things, even though she won't. This room, just as it is, has been the scene for a lot of good memories.

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  1. Incredibly sweet. Plus her room has so much character. I love it!

  2. I may have cried reading this.


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