Oh Motherhood

Have you ever had one of those moments when you climb into bed at night and your foot hits something wet and gooey in bed? It was, of course, a banana one of my kids put in my bed, then jumped on a few times (they love jumping on our bed). 

Or maybe you came across a potty training toddler that pooped in her pants then tried to clean it up herself? Yeah, it's not pretty. 

Or maybe it was your children fighting over who gets to help you in a store...and of course one (if you are lucky, it isn't both) melts down because they don't get their way. 

Motherhood isn't always pretty. But usually, in the midst of those gross/stressful/crazy moments, I am just wishing someone was there to laugh along with me...well, Ian was for the banana in bed incident and even got to help me change the sheets at midnight. When I think about these types of things later, I am kind of grossed out...well, at least by any situation that deals with bodily fluids. And, if anyone else's kid did them to me, I would probably not want to handle it. Because who would just take a booger out of the hands of someone else's toddler?! But, you know, with my own, I put on my big girl panties and deal with it. Then, I text a couple people and let them know what just happened! Because, it's just too gross/funny/weird not to share. 

Motherhood isn't always glamorous. But, it is the only job that pays with that warm fuzzy feeling, with chubby little arms wrapped around your neck, squeezing you tight, with "I wuv you" being said to you. 

I heard recently that people are becoming scared of having children of their own because moms are being too honest about the struggles of parenting. I find that funny. Because, let me be honest, there have been sucky sides to every job I have had, but I still did them. And, guess what, the rewards were not nearly as great as motherhood. So, to all of you yet-to-be parents out there, don't be scared. Just know that it truly will be different with your kid because, well, it's your kid and you do it all in love. Oh, and you will totally want to share your insane/gross/ridiculous stories as well! Because, well, if you don't share them, it is almost as if it didn't happen. 

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  1. What a beautiful way to put it. I laughed out loud reading this post. Motherhood is definitely the best job on earth. I tell my "childless" friends all the time about the honor it is to be a Mom. :)

  2. YES - so true. I hate seeing snotty/boogery kids. It grosses me out. But my snotty/boogery kids? I can wipe their noses with my hands and rub it on my pants and not bat an eye. Because they are MY snotty/boogery kids.

  3. Haha! Yup - other kids' grossness is just gross but my kids grossness is funny (or gross but still tolerable). I'm in awe of preschool teachers who love our little buggers like their own - boogies and all!


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