Homemade Popsicles + Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicles Review

I feel like endless popsicle eating is a right of passage for childhood summers. Heck, I want popsicles to be included in my daily diet during the summer! As my kids appetites for popsicles grew, so did my desire to make healthy ones at home. Healthy ones are easy to make too. I have tried all sorts of varieties:

* cut up grapes with apple juice
* smashed strawberries in their own juice
* smashed peaches topped up with apple juice
* homemade lemonade

The options are limitless. Though, I must say, be careful what crazy recipes you try off of pinterest because I have made some rather odd tasting popsicles before...lets just say steer clear of adding herbs and coconut milk (the real thick stuff, not the fake stuff people drink instead of cows milk) to popsicles. It's just weird. 

Anyway, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Nuby's new garden fresh fruitsicles. It is really a straight forward system. Put whatever ingredients you choose into the containers, add the sticks/handles and freeze. These molds are on the smaller side (1 ounce each), but my kids have never complained and I have eaten them numerous times and enjoy the small refreshing snack. And, to be honest, I like that they are small because mashing up fruit does take work. 

The handles on these are nice and big for small little hands. And, as an added bonus, the inside of the handle catches all the popsicle drips...of course popsicle drips only happen to small children and not seasoned popsicle eaters like myself or Connor ;) You can find Nuby garden fresh fruitsicles at Amazon

Have you tried any fun popsicle recipes this summer?

I was provided the nuby garden fresh fruitsicles for my review, but all my opinions are truly my own and are honest.  

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