Because I got a new camera and NEEDED to try it out, so what better than some daddy/daughter pics? Isla was hamming it up for the camera and has been relishing her time as an only child (Connor is with my parents for a few days). These pictures reminded me of some I took of Connor and Ian when Connor was a wee little guy. My photography skills have obviously improved since then, but those pictures are still special to me non-the-less. I can remember taking them in Connor's room in Scotland just a few days before I was taking Connor to the US to meet everyone. Just as I will remember the evening in Modesto where Isla was in such a good mood and enjoying being alone with her mom and dad.

^^ This may be one of my favorite pictures yet of Ian and Isla. I have very few "favorite" pictures, but oh my, I love this one and think it is making the list.

Isla prefers to wear her sunglasses upside down. I would like to chalk it up to the fact that the point on the heart is probably uncomfortable, but she does it with all sunglasses and totally freaks if I try to turn them over.

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  1. YES - that one is MY favorite too!! By far!

    (And my daughter wears her sunnies the exact same way. Silly girls.)

  2. that picture of isla in the air is great! so fun! and what is it about sunglasses? they always go on upside-down, hey?


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