Summer Fun

Summer as a stay at home mom is kind of like summer as a kid. All my friends are suddenly available without the constraints of school runs and activities. That means tons of hang out time and adventures. Picnics with tons of kids. Pool parties that last half the day. Showing up at someone's house in the morning and not leaving until 4:30, realizing that I need to get home and get dinner started! I told you it is kind of like summer as a kid!

Yesterday, a few of us moms took our kids to the river behind a friend's house. Isla actually enjoyed herself way more than I expected. She did complain about hiking through the bushes on the way in and out, but the water itself she totally loved. And, much to my dismay, she totally loved the algae (green slime) and would pick it up and throw it. At my insistence, she switched to rocks.

Though Connor and Isla don't go back to school until September, most of their friends start the second week of August. I can't help but be bummed a little bit that the freedom that summer brings is almost over. I can already tell I am going to be one of those mom's that loathes the end of summer, as I would prefer to have my babes home with me, going out on adventures and not caring what time of day it is.

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  1. Isla's full body swimsuit makes me laugh. It looks like she's ready for a trip to the Moon, in an adorable way!

    1. I kind of find it ridiculous looking, but it has grown on me. My fil always gets them for Isla and they work great at places with sand because they keep the sand out of her sensitive area ;)


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