Purple Vitamins

Its funny how kids minds work. As soon as I turn on the shower, the kids come running from wherever they are to collect a vitamin. Connor usually starts it, yelling out as he is coming "I want a purple vitamin!" and Isla is close behind him. She even yells it now too. But, I never really understood the whole purple part of the equation, so I decided to ask. And the answer I got totally made sense. It's because purple is close to blue and blue is Connor's favorite color. Duh! And, well, at this point, Isla is a big follower and just wants whatever her brother wants!

I'm glad to have this little purple vitamin lover back under our roof after he was away with my parents for five days. That's the longest we have ever been apart and the boy could barely be bothered with giving his ole mom a hug when he got home. It's ok though, I know he still loves and needs me because I woke up this morning with him in bed with me!

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