Connor's Room

One of my greatest excitements about buying a house, as I have stated before, was that I could make a room for Connor. However I wanted. I could paint and hang up whatever I wanted to.

My original inspiration for Connor's room came from some bedding (Dwell Studio for Target) that I saw when I was perusing online.

It was the first purchase I made as soon as our offer was accepted. And this bedding became my inspiration for the room. It gave me a color scheme - blue (two different shades), brown and green. The green in the bedding matches the green that we painted Connor's walls.

Connor's room is pretty big. At first I didn't know what we were going to do with all that space. But when we moved, it became apparent that the kid has toys. Tons of toys. And the toys have filled his room.

One thing I knew I wanted in Connor's room from the get go was a little reading space. I was an avid reader growing up and I definitely want to try and pass that love to my children. Originally I looked up different ways to make book shelves on the walls. In the end, my friend gave me her kids old book shelf and it works perfectly. And the recliner? It was a Christmas present from Connor's grandma and grandpa. I have to admit, I spend a lot of time sitting in that chair. It is the perfect place for me to sit and read with Connor or watch him while he plays.

Since we only brought Connor's bed and changing table back from Scotland (as far as furniture goes) we went out and got him a dresser from Ikea. I love his dresser and am a little jealous it isn't in my room. It's huge and sturdy and cute. As far as decorations go, I am working on filling Connor's shelf. So far, it is pretty much filled only with stuff from Scotland. But it is sentimental stuff. And I like seeing it every day.

You may or may not recognize Connor's name banner as a craft project I did last year. A project that was way harder than it should have been. Anyway, it survived the move and happened to match Connor's bedding perfectly, so up on the wall it went.

When Connor moved into his new room, he got an upgrade. He got a pillow. He didn't use the pillow for about a month, but now does. I am not sure why I find the fact that he uses a pillow so adorable, but I do. The bedding came with a comforter, but given that it is summer and he has never used a comforter before, I decided to wait to introduce that to him.

So there you have it, Connor's room. I am sure it will always be changing and evolving, but I thought you would like a glimpse into what our house looks like. As I finish other rooms, I will continue to share.


  1. His room turned out so cute. (And I think it's bigger than my bedroom! I'm a tad jealous) Please post pics of the rest of the house. I can't wait to see it

  2. Oooohhhh wow. That room is AMAZING!


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